American Monetary Institute

Discussion Guidelines for the AMI Blog

Many of the comments on the blog entries over the past few months have been well-received here at AMI.  Unfortunately, many other comments that were submitted with good intentions have been too confusing or too long or misleading to be included.  We’d like to make this blog a leader in raising internal blogging standards.  We provide this guide to help you write comments that add to rather than detract from our blog entries.

  • Discuss the post.  This is not a space to plug your magic solution the world’s problems.
  • For the sake of space, don’t post an entire book or model constitution that you wrote.  Keep it to less than 200 words.
  • Educate yourself about monetary history and monetary reform before you judge it but don’t write jargon.
  • Base your arguments on verifiable facts and reason rather than prejudices and generalized notions; don’t lead readers down false trails.
  • Have positive faith in the democratic process even if you lack faith in Democratic officeholders.
  • Provide constructive dialogue and criticism; not name-calling.
  • No negative attitudes, like “I have given up completely on humanity’s future.”  That’s an unhealthy and dangerous form of surrender.

We hope this doesn’t put you off.  We really want your participation.  Your participation is an important part of moving forward.

Stephen Zarlenga

PS If you have any questions about these guidelines you can post them as comments to this entry.