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Make Monetary Reform Happen Now!

Dear Friends of the American Monetary Institute,

We now face a major opportunity. Across the country, thousands of Americans, young and old, are demonstrating around the Federal Reserve Banks of Chicago, Dallas, and Boston; Wall Street in NY and in ever more places.

Our 7th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference in Chicago was our best yet!  The high energy of our speakers and our participants was “electric.”  Due to the immediacy of action, our conference report will be made available in November.  At the closing of our conference, we asked all attendees to us submit to us a one page plan of what they personally intend to do for monetary reform over the next year.  We ask you to respond with your one page action plans to us, if you have not yet done so.

After the conference ended, Jules Brouillet went to the demonstrations in DC for a week, and then New York for another week.  This is his report:

“Bob Poteat, my mother Carol, and I had great success in advancing monetary reform in Washington.  On my first day in DC, Bob Poteat, Jamie Walton, and I met with Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who described how he would explain to the public our money system in short episodes through his Youtube channel.

Over the following week, Bob, Carol, and I passed out hundreds of flyers to all sorts of people including the protesters at the State Department Keystone XL Pipeline Project public discussion, gave interviews, built support for HR 2990 on the Occupy Freedom Plaza economic democracy working group, marched with Occupy DC onto the US Chamber of Commerce, the IMF, the White House, and the Fed, and lobbied a handful of Congresspeople on the Act.  We saw how the Occupy DC folks are non-hierarchical yet exceptionally self-organized, completely democratic and transparent, and have committed their lives to both their daily success and a better future for all of us.  Their practice of direct democracy by consensus, their complete dedication to nonviolence, their tenacity to overcome all obstacles whether personal or external, is revolutionary, both conceptually and in practice.

During my week in New York, Sue and I spent our energy on getting our message out to the occupiers and the visitors, many of whom were quite unaware of the significance of the juxtaposition of their Zucotti Park encampment with the New York Federal Reserve.  Our flyers and my “Monetary Reform Now!  Do you want Banks to create money for private profit? No? HR 2990 of 2011, Support NEED Act!” sign (courtesy of my mom) were a huge success.  I sat in on the Alternative Economy working group for Occupy Wall Street, who agreed to pass out The Need for Monetary Reform at their table!  Based on my experience of how much we could accomplish in a short time, it is imperative that we all attend the Occupy Together protests now to inform the activists, who will in turn inform the public!”

It is time for each and every one of us to get involved on a personal level.  We need you to do the following:

We are now distributing our flyers for HR 2990 (Print them here) and advocating for monetary reform at rallies nationwide.  Our conference attendees distributed them to Occupy Chicago, Greg Coleridge is handing them out in Cleveland, Bob Poteat is passing them out in both Washington state now.  If your local group holds a daily General Assembly, contact one of the organizers to join their “alternative economy working group.”  The question is, “Can Kucinich Money Bill Provide Focal Point for Protests?” We must respond “Yes!” not with words, but through action!

Send us your reports by email on your successes and informative experiences at the rallies.

Organize people to recruit local leaders for monetary reform and pressure your Congresspersons to cosponsor HR 2990.

Read this truly excellent letter to the editor from John Howell of Athens, OH.  In your own words, write letters to your local newspapers and political blogs!

The American Monetary Institute’s campaign for monetary reform must kick into high gear to pass HR 2990.  That can only be made possible through your continued financial support.  As we currently need a full-time secretary, it would be wonderful if each of you, personal finances permitting, mailed us in this form to set up an automatic $25 (or more) donation per month!  If you would like to contribute in another way, those alternative contribution options are listed here.

We are in great need of your financial support.  We could get so much more done here at the AMI office if everybody gave a little more!

Warm regards to you and good luck! Remember this is a non-partisan activity!


Stephen Zarlenga